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IncoStressDesigned by women for women


An enterocele is the protrusion of the small intestine into the vagina. Muscles and ligaments that support your small intestine can become weak and cause it to descend into the vagina. The enterocele will bulge into the vagina.
It is essential to maintain a healthy diet if you have an enterocele.
Childbirth can cause the pelvic floor muscles stretched or weakened, especially women who have multiple or difficult childbirths, which can lead to an enterocele. 

constipation, heavy lifting, chronic cough can also be causes of an enterocele.

A decrease in oestrogen levels can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken and as a result, can result in the lower intestine descending into the vagina (enterocele)


If you experience any kind of incontinence, abdominal pain, groin pain or lower dragging back pain it is advised to seek medical assistance.


Where pessaries can assist other types of pelvic organ prolapse, the enterocele is a very difficult prolapse to manage. It can be reduced by correct diet and physiotherapy.


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