IncoStress Designed by women for women
IncoStressDesigned by women for women


How it all began

The Company

C&G Medicare Ltd manufacture IncoStress in the United Kingdom. Established in 2006 the company specialises in the field or urology and gynaecology. We work closely with consultants, nurses, physiotherapists and specialists in this field to ensure the information we offer is accurate.

Since its inception the company has grown steadily supplying the European, Australian and Canadian markets with its own branded products. The company aims to continue to supply innovative and useful solutions to continence problems whilst educating the public of the associated conditions.

C&G Medicare Ltd has launched  Europe's largest range of pessaries for pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. Contact us for our catalogue.

Why was C&G Medicare Ltd formed?

CEO Gaynor Morgan  looked on helplessly for years as her own mother Carole,  an ex nurse suffered with stress incontinence, until the day they decided to find a solution by making their own home made product to control the incontinence.

Carole had previously been treated with the TVT operation, which was successful for her for about 5 years. When the incontinence returned all her GP could offer was pads. There was no kegel exercise training offered nor any other solution. Just pads! This sent Carole into a depression (read the full story written by journalist Carol Davis and published by the Daily Mail).

Gaynor and Carole looked at the anatomical and physiological aspects surrounding stress incontinence and made their own invention at home.

Sadly in 2004 Carole passed away aged 59. The company was formed in memory of Carole (C&G Medicare- Carole & Gaynor) Gaynor continued to work alone on the project and was determined to see a solution available for women who suffer stress incontinence.

Now C&G Medicare Ltd offer not just manufacturing but also run a non-profit side of the company helping women and men find solutions to their incontinence and pelvic floor problems.

C&G Medicare Ltd have an amazing team of professionals who offer their time and experience to help C&G Medicare Ltd be able to help sufferers. Gaynor also provides a service whereby they help find specialists in the living area of patients who need specific help.

If you are a qualified specialist in urology/gynaecology, pelvic floor  health, please contact us to be added to the database to help us match patients to the right professional.

The invention
Taking airdrying clay to make the mould, a candle, drinking straw and a key chain ring for the impression to make the shape of their product, they then filled the  mould with silicone and let it set. Carole then placed a condom over the product for hygiene reasons and inserted it as a tampon. IT WORKED! NO MORE LEAKS!

Gaynor went to work writing a patent to protect the idea and found help from the Welsh Assembly Government to be able to produce a tool and prototypes made from the best medical grade silicone on the market.

To date IncoStress has undergone 3 design changes for improvement of efficacy. It has taken over 20 years of research and developement to get IncoStress just right for women to not only be able to control their pelvic floor muscles in order to control incontinence but has gone onto helping support light to mild pelvic organ prolapse issues such as cystocele and rectocele issues.
The weight of IncoStress is 28g and it took 7 years of research to find the perfect weight that offered internal resistance to work the pelvic floor.

The clinical trials

Gaynor and Carole knew the product worked, but now was the task to prove to the rest of the world it worked. Clinical trials were carried out and completed in 2006 under the auspices of Mr Simon Emery a leading uro/gynaecologist based at Singleton Hospital, Swansea. These trials had favourable results demonstrating that this product would help women with stress incontinence. (medical professionals can obtain these results direct from C&G Medicare Ltd upon request)

There are presently further clinical trials going on at Cardiff  University Hospital to prove further efficacy that IncoStress has other benefits such as pelvic floor strengthening, helps with OAB etc. We will keep you updated with progress.

New products

There are new products in the pipeline being developed and we look forward to sharing this information with you at a later stage.

“Health & Safety…”

C&G products are never tested on animals or contain any animal substances.
IncoStress is produced in the UK and is manufactured from a medical grade silicone under clean room 7 conditions.

IncoStress is a  medical device which complies with the Medical Devices Directive MDD93/42/EEC  C&G Medicare Ltd operate under ISO13485:2003 standards.

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